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CWtek® CWPad new

Non-Slip KeyPad for Iambic Paddles / Straight Keys

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Rubber-based pad holds your keys securely without killing key touch and slipping.
We have optimized the material and dimensions for a perfect keying experience!
It's also useful for old keys, even if the rubber feet/pad have deteriorated or become wobbly.

Just the right amount of grip

Even during a QSO, you can easily adjust your key position with the CWPad that securely adheres to your desk.


Applicable Keys -Bencher,Vibroplex,Begali,Kent or any other iambic paddles/straight keys
Currently available in two sizes!
CWM120  120mm x 120mm(4.7"x4.7")
CWM175  175mm x 115mm(6.9"x4.5")

 CWM120 CWtek CWPad



120mm x 120mm x2mm

 CWM175 CWtek CWPad



175mm x 110mm x2mm


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